Couples Therapy Melbourne

Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy 

The goal of couple therapy is to help both partners improve their relationship and develop the skills and understanding in building greater intimacy and connection.

How I Work With Couples

My aim is to create a safe and supportive environment for you and your partner to share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. I will work collaboratively with you both to identify your goals for therapy and develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

This may involve exploring past experiences, identifying patterns of behaviour or communication, and developing new tools and strategies to improve the relationship.Throughout the therapy process, l will provide guidance, support, and feedback to help you gain insight into your relationship dynamic and develop new ways of understanding and relating.

I help couples to develop the tools to communicate with more compassion and less fear and reactivity, while learning how to problem-solve and deal with conflict in a healthy manner. By learning how to handle your conflicts, you can form a more secure bond with your partner and be able to have vulnerable conversations without pushing each other away.

Couples Issues I Treat

Couples often find themselves stuck in repetitive patterns that leave them feeling misunderstood and alone. These patterns might involve feelings of being shut out, attacked, unwanted, not being heard, or craving greater closeness.

I help couples to clearly see their typical pattern and learn how to relate in a deeper emotional way that fosters understanding and leads to real, authentic, intimate connection. We will work together to identify, investigate and experience vulnerable feelings and the important message they convey. Uncovering theses ‘softer’ emotions and risking to share them directly with your partner is the secret to a deeper emotional bond because sharing vulnerability naturally pulls for compassion. and is the foundation for intimacy.

My Training

I am trained in emotionally focused therapy (EFT), which is strongly evidence based and considered the most effective intervention in helping couples. Research supports that 90% of couples who go through EFT significantly improve their relationship. I also draw upon Gottman Method, which improves relationship functioning and helps to avoid destructive behaviours such as criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling/withdrawal, which leads to discord and often, separation.

When To Seek Couples Therapy

You don’t need to be struggling in your relationship to seek couple counselling, and in fact, you may have a better result if you don’t wait until your relationship is unraveling.

Effective couples therapy helps to build a secure base that can bring comfort and joy into your life and provide the strength to face life challenges. This powerful force, called love, is the most important thing in this life.