Psychotherapy Melbourne

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Psychotherapy is similar to counselling, and the two can overlap. However, psychotherapy tends to look more deeply, addressing the underlying deep-rooted causes of you problems and as well as how to solve them.

Psychotherapy is extremely beneficial in increasing your awareness and bringing to consciousness, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions that lie hidden, but influences your life. Therapy is most effective when you connect the dots between events and understand how it shapes your personality and responses.

How I Work With Psychotherapy

I will work with you to help you recognise themes and patterns that underlie your struggles, and change unhelpful beliefs or habits that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Searching for a deeper understanding of how you operate in different circumstances will help to create long lasting change and serve you once you stop attending sessions and navigate the world on your own.

I understand the importance of walking alongside you and empowering you in developing a more complete understanding of the issues and hopes, develop skills and tools for facing challenges and overcome fears that stop you from being the best version of yourself.

What Is Involved In A Psychotherapy Session?

At the first psychotherapy session, we will get a sense of how the issues are affecting you in your life and what your hopes are. l will gather information about your history and your needs. This will inform your goals for therapy and the treatment plan. The initial session is also an opportunity for you to interview me and for us to establish a safe,  trusting and connected relationship.

My Training and Interventions

l draw upon various evidence based interventions and adapt them to suit how you work best and your goals. l utilise  Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT), which is based on attachment science and accessing emotions as an instrument for change. This approach is proven to help clients suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions self worth and more.

l also incorporate Internal Family Systems (IFS), which  is a non-pathologizing, powerfully transformative, research-based model of psychotherapy developed for a variety of conditions including phobias, panic, anxiety, depression, physical health conditions, childhood trauma and improving general functioning and wellbeing.

l utilise Compassion Focused Therapy, which helps you to foster different aspects of compassion for the self and others. CMT aims to develop compassionate motivation, sympathy, sensitivity, and distress tolerance through the use of specific training and guided exercises designed to help you further develop non-judging and non-condemning attributes.