Counselling Melbourne


We’ll use a person-centred approach to facilitate your journey, which means I’ll respond to your needs by drawing upon support frameworks including process-experiential emotion focused therapy, attachment science, neuroscience, evidence based therapy, Gestalt, mindfulness, compassion focused therapy, internal family systems, somatic work, tantra, dream work, coaching, acceptance and commitment therapy.


I offer couples counselling to help loving relationships reconnect, resolve issues, redefine intimacy and renew energy. Couples work is based on equal attention to individuals, a non-judgmental approach, and working to improve understanding, intimacy, shared pleasure and deeper meaning in the relationship.


I have consulting rooms in North Fitzroy and East Melbourne. I work Mondays 8am to 7pm, Tuesdays and Wednesday 8am to 8pm and Saturdays 9am to 1pm. I also offer online consultations via Zoom and phone.


My aim is to create a safe environment, that holds a space for individuals and couples to openly explore, and be truly present. I work with compassion and see that the more we feel accepted and accept ourselves, the more we open to transformation. I use a range of approaches depending on the person and their situation and understand the importance of meeting individual needs.

I work with emotions and help you learn to befriend them, rather than resisting them. I see the body, mind and emotions as deeply interconnected, and when integrated through a holistic approach, I believe they open us to a transpersonal, spiritual, experiential dimension to life.

Our natural purpose is to become whole, conscious, and grow to our beautiful potential. Pain is a great teacher on this journey, and that it remains until we learn its specific wisdom. When we make meaning from our experiences—both positive and negative—there is a great freedom waiting to be felt.

Learning to embrace sexuality as a creative life force, can open pathways to the deeper, fuller experiences often framed in tantra, and leading to a fulfilling and vital life.

It is an honour and privilege  to facilitate your journey, and l am committed to working with you every step of the way.

How l can assist you

  • Stress and anxiety (feeling overwhelmed, coping with strong emotions such as fear and anger, perfectionism and obsessive compulsive behaviours).
  • Depression (a loss of purpose and drive, hope, your place in the world).
  • Self Esteem ( working with belief systems, identifying strengths, being authentically you, acceptance)
  • Grief and loss (loss of a person, a relationship, a partner, job or pet).
  • Abuse and trauma (dealing with emotions such as shame and guilt).
  • Sexual issues (ejaculation problems, erectile difficulties, orgasm, arousal and desire, penetration problems, painful sex, vaginismus, dyspareunia,  body image, penis size, sex education and coaching).
  • Sexual identity (working through sexual orientation, gender concerns, LGBTQIA+).
  • Relationships issues (intimacy, trust, conflict, communication skills, desire, libido, affairs, polyamory, separation, parenting, blended families).
  • Couple work (conscious relating, tantric practices, deepening connection).
  • Addictions (such as substance, sex, pornography, gambling, food).
  • Life transitions (divorce, marriage, ageing, moving, becoming a parent, unemployed, death).
  • Meaning and fulfilment (self- inquiry, connecting with your purpose, passion).