About Melbourne Sex Therapist



I’m a qualified and experienced Individual and Couple Psychotherapist, and Sex TherapistI”m trained in Specialist Couple Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy and Sexological Bodywork. I also hold a Bachelor in Education. I’m a registered member of the Society of Australian Sexologists and the Australian Counselling Association. I’ve worked in secondary schools teaching of psychology, philosophy and personal development, and I’ve worked closely with people with disabilities.

I’m deeply honoured to be considered as a possible counsellor, therapist, and guide on your most sacred journey into yourself.


Counselling and sex therapy is deeply personal, and I’d like you to know a bit about me, to better sense the kind of therapeutic companion I’ll be.

I’m drawn to self-exploration and personal development, both on my own journey and in the lives of others. I’ve always felt most alive connecting intimately with people, and I believe relationship nurtures greater understanding and happiness.

I enjoy my Italian heritage, and have lived and loved in Italy. I wonder if that partly explains why I’m so passionate about passion! I see sexuality as a celebration of life, intrinsically linked to well-being, and something deserving unfettered expression. My poor mum!

My other passions include dancing, Flamenco, the Arts, good food and wine, meditating daily, and embracing tantra in sexuality and life. I have a healthy appreciation for diversity and what it can teach me, and I adore the sea and nature, and the feeling of returning home.